Tow bar
rigid, with screwed-on ball head

suitable for HYUNDAI LANTRA I (J-1) Saloon
Model year 10.90 - 11.95

Manufacturer: Bosal

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Item: 101430-01295-1

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Model exclusion1.8i.e. 16V

This bolted on Bosal tow bar provides towing superpowers at a bargain price. And It fits your HYUNDAI LANTRA I .  

This tow bar has a towing capacity up to 1620 kg and a vertical load of 75 kg. A D-value of 7.95 kN is indicated by Bosal. 

Because of the EC 0700 mark it's not needed to register the tow bar in the vehicle documents. 

A small cut in the bumper is needed to fit this tow bar. A cutting template or the cut dimensions can be found in the installation instructions. 

Bike carriers can be securely attached to this HYUNDAI LANTRA I tow bar. We deliver this official part from Bosal at the best price. 

The detailed installation instructions from the manufacturer Bosal are included with this product. A cathodic electro-dip coating is present. This is a modern and efficient paint mostly used for as coat for car bodies and accessories. Under electronic charge the product is dipped in paint thinned with water. Effective corrosion protection and a high quality smooth surface is the result. 

Read and follow the instructions of the vehicle manufacturer when installing the hitch. Normally all information can be found in the car user manual. Your cars parking assistance sensors might detect the tow ball. In reverse it could be recognized as an obstacle.  
Information about HYUNDAI
Official name is Hyundai Motor Company. It is a South Korean motor manufacturer which was founded in 1967. Hyundai is one of the fastest growing car companies in the world. The range of vehicles ranging from small cars to mid-range cars to SUVs and commercial vehicles. 

Car model Model year Power
HYUNDAI LANTRA I (J-1) 1.5 i.e. 10/90 - 11/95 63 kW
HYUNDAI LANTRA I (J-1) 1.6 i.e. 16V 10/90 - 11/95 78 kW
HYUNDAI LANTRA I (J-1) 1.6 i.e. 16V 10/90 - 11/95 84 kW

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